The industrial chemical industry in our country is still new and still cannot meet the domestic demand.

Characteristics of the industrial chemical industry are diversified products for all economic and technical sectors. Since then this industrial chemical industry can exploit all the strengths of the country's resources from minerals and petroleum to products, by-products and even industrial and agricultural waste ... Closed chemical industry. Extremely important role in a country's economy. It is a key economic and technical industry of the country.

The Vietnamese economy is almost dependent on agriculture and the new industrial chemical industry appears. As a result, the country must import agricultural chemicals and other chemical products. The Vietnamese chemical industry is still in its infancy when producing only limited basic chemicals. Chemicals used for industry do not meet domestic demand and are only suitable for the production of pesticides and other basic products. In addition, domestic does not produce pure and special chemicals. In terms of chemicals, about 70% of urea demand is imported every year while 100% of ammonium phosphate is imported.

Vietnam's chemical production technology is considered obsolete compared to the whole world in general. Chemical products are less competitive with countries in the same region and Vietnam has little awareness of chemical risks. This leads to the loss of natural resources and the country also faces the issue of 6 serious environmental infections. Currently, Vietnam's agrochemical market accounts for about 0.5% of the international market.

The Vietnamese chemical industry is growing with a growth rate of 12% each year, becoming one of the key economic sectors and prioritized to meet the needs of other industries and platforms. Economy in general. Production of detergents and cosmetics is being expanded rapidly in Vietnam. Vietnamese companies such as NET, LIX, Daso and joint ventures as well as companies with 100% foreign capital such as Vietnam Lever, P&G supply have brought consumers new quality products and designs. Pretty. The production of paints and rubber products also increased as a result of companies such as Dong A, Dong Nai and Casumina.


The chemical industry is very important for the development of other industries. According to Resolution 207/2005 / QD-TTg, the Prime Minister approved the plan to develop the chemical industry by 2010 and develop until 2020. Under this decision, the chemical industry is considered one of the key industries. And prioritized. Therefore, all domestic and foreign resources will focus on the comprehensive chemical industry, including key areas such as fertilizer, common and specialized rubber, basic chemicals (including chemicals). Organic and inorganic), petrochemicals, pure chemicals, chemical liquids and consumer chemicals to meet domestic demand and require regional and global economic integration.


In addition, the plan encourages the application of modern technology for high quality chemical products at competitive prices and minimizes the adverse effects of chemical production on the environment. In addition, the development plan must also go hand in hand with the transformation of the industrial and economic structure in general.

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