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VIET NHAT CHEMICAL EQUIPMENT TRADING COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2010 in HO Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As a professional distribution company, providing chemicals, additives in the fields of: cleaning, food, seafood, textile dyeing, plating and other industries.

Throughout its establishment, Viet Nhat has provided quality products, tailored to the needs of customers. We work with partners as large factories specializing in supplying chemical items in Asia such as Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia,... To bring quality products and the best price to customers. Besides, we have warehouse with an area of up to 3,500 m2 along with a team of multi-category cars located in the convenient location for storage and distribution of goods. Viet Nhat affirmed itself as one of the leading enterprises in supplying industrial chemicals, reliable food additives to businesses. Branch: Viet Ha chemicals Import export JSC.

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  • How to use disinfectant solution at home

    The disease can also be spread by contact with toys, objects that are secreted or drained from water balloons on the patient's hand. In addition, an adult's hand is also an intermediary that transmits a virus from a sick child to a healthy child if he does not wash his hands after caring or contacting a sick child.

    Characteristics of the industrial chemical industry are diversified products for all economic and technical sectors. Since then this industrial chemical industry can exploit all the strengths of the country's resources from minerals and petroleum to products, by-products and even industrial and agricultural waste...
  • With many difficulties, PV DMC (PVC) expects a profit of less than 200 million dong in 2019

    According to the consolidated business plan in 2019, total PVC revenue reached VND 1,962 billion, pre-tax profit of VND 3.17 billion and profit after tax was VND 0.17 billion. This figure is very low compared to the previous year when PVC recorded consolidated revenue of VND 2,522 billion and after-tax profit of VND 12 billion.

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